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The Value of PRM in Assuring Your Investment in Increased Oil Recovery

Innovative uses of seabed seismic technology will help operators glean billions from new and mature fields. High potential returns with low risk and lower lifetime cost of ownership are increasingly attractive. The active promotion of reservoir surveillance will directly impact a country’s economy where responsible stewardship of national petroleum resources is a priority.  Read more

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StagSeis – One Year On

CGG’s full-azimuth, long-offset towed-streamer marine broadband acquisition solution is delivering exceptional subsalt images in the Gulf of Mexico. A year after its launch, CGG’s innovative subsalt imaging solution, StagSeisTM, is producing exceptional results in terms of improved imaging and illumination in the Gulf of Mexico.  Early results from the multi-client IBALT survey, presented at last […]

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Achieving Better Liquid Measurement Accuracy Using a Slightly Different Perspective

Custody Transfer Measurement in the oil and gas business has been described many ways. It has been called “accuracy in measurement” that both the buyers and sellers can agree upon, or “The best that can be achieved to meet the contract conditions.” But I like to call it “The Search for the Truth.” Ever since petroleum has […]

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