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Oil and Gas Assets Require: Unique Financial Management System

Oil and gas asset financial management is unique in nature. It is not like other businesses, as in this business producers must work by following the exploration and licensing policy of host governments. Because oil and gas are considered national resources, operator produces and shares the profit with the host government. Identifying potential investment risks […]

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The Natural Gas and Renewable Energy Alternative

In recent years, there has been increasing awareness regarding the palpable negative impact of climate change on our planet and the need to address it urgently and collectively. The ratification of the COP21 Paris Agreement and its entry into force in November 2016, illustrates this rising global concern and intention to mitigate this impact. Read […]

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SONATRACH Chief Executive Officer Interview with NAPEC

What are the main recent performances achieved in terms of hydrocarbon production and what are your medium-term prospects? We recovered our historical hydrocarbon primary production capacity of more than 200 million TOE since October 2016 and thus, thanks to the commissioning of new fields such as Bir M’sana, Bir Sbaa, Garet El Befinet, Hassi Moumene,  […]

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