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Global Training Launches New Coiled Tubing Product

Monday, March 20, 2017


MARCH 16, 2017 (HOUSTON) – Global Tubing, LLC, the industry leader in coiled tubing products and services, launches DURACOIL™, a revolutionary coiled tubing product.  DURACOIL’s improved tubing fatigue life, predictability and resistance to abrasion minimizes downtime due to pipe failures.  It is also less susceptible to preferential corrosion and Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) than conventional coiled tubing.

“Global Tubing is leading the coiled tubing industry by introducing the most advanced product to the market,” said Neal Lux, President of Global Tubing. “Coiled tubing operations are increasing in complexity, and DURACOIL is the optimal solution for challenging completions, complicated interventions and well services in harsh downhole environments.”

Global Tubing utilizes its patent pending process, Halo Induction Technology™, to manufacture DURACOIL, quench and tempered coiled tubing. Other products utilize a two-step manufacturing process that requires additional handling during manufacture which can damage the tubing and produce an unpredictable final product.  Halo Induction Technology is an in-line production process that prevents such damage while providing superior consistency and manufacturing reliability.

Global Tubing is confident that DURACOIL will provide improved efficiency, safety and durability in the field for coiled tubing operations worldwide.  The development and introduction of this engineered product represents the most significant advance in coiled tubing technology in the last 30 years.