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Opposition to Use Computer Program to Monitor Angolan Votes

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Angolans go to the polls on August 23 in a vote that will once again pit the two main parties against each other, the MPLA and UNITA. Although historically Angola has not hosted many elections, this will be the first one held that will not have the country’s president of 38 years, Jose dos Santos, on the ballot.

While the main contenders will be the MPLA and UNITA another opposition party has thrown its hat in the ring, the Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola-Electoral Coalition or (CASA-CE). CASA-CE has already complained of irregularities and plans to use a computer program to minimize the chances of ballot-rigging.

CASA-CE’s program, presented to media in Luanda on Monday, will calculate results based on data from delegates at polling stations. The program will allow for CASA-CE to detect potential discrepancies, such as between votes cast and numbers of registered voters at polling stations, its supporters say.

The party plans to have members at each polling station to observe voting and will be able to release its results through social media as they become available.