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Petromoc to Build Terminal and Pipeline

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mozambique’s state-run Petromoc said that a two km long gas pipeline and a terminal for ships are due to be built this year in Matola, in the Maputo province.

The Financial Director for Petromoc, Zacarias Costa, said that the project will cost around $10 million and is aimed at increasing the country’s gas storage capacity.

The project will be carried out in phases due to the difficult economic climate and the first phase is set to conclude this year at a cost of $6 million. No further details were released on what the first phase entailed.

Petromoc also has several other projects in the line-up aimed at expansion including fuel stations and storage across most of the country.

In terms of storage capacity the company’s plan points to a capacity increase of 125,000 cubic meters in the southern region but, due to difficulties that the company is facing, there is a need to re-adjust the plan.