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SPDC Warns Protesters of Hazards

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

 In a statement, Shell issued a warning to protesters from the Kula and Belema communities in Nigeria that are occupying its Belema facility. Shell warned the protesters of the hazards they are exposing themselves to as a result of their siege at the facility.

The Belema facility has been under siege since August 11 by protesters demanding jobs and better living conditions.

Shell’s Nigerian subsidiary, SPDC, said the occupation exposes people at the plant to higher safety risks adding that this could trigger a spill or fire with potentially serious consequences.

“The illegal occupation of Belema Flow Station and Gas Plant in Rivers State has safety implications both for the people at the facilities and nearby communities,” the statement said.

The company also expressed its concern that “unauthorized persons, including women and children, have been observed in close proximity to equipment that processed crude oil and gas without the protection of safety clothing.”

Shell has said it had not been able to gain access to the plant since the seizure and called on the protesters to leave.