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Aker Pledges $4.5 Million to Local Content Program in Ghana

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Aker Energy has pledged $4.5 million in support of local content in Ghana. The funds will go to the Accerlerated Oil and Gas Capacity-Building (AOGC) program. The program is designed to enhance the competences and expertise of Ghanaians in the oil and gas sector.

Established in November 2017, the AOGC program is the latest phase of several capacity-building initiatives in Ghana. The Petroleum Commission-led program, set to run for five years, seeks to train individuals in various vocational and technical areas, as well as to build the capacity of educational institutions to be able to train students and award internationally recognized training certificates.

Jan Helge Skogen, Country Manager of Aker Energy in Ghana, emphasized that the program’s efforts align well with Aker Energy’s commitment to go beyond local content and take part in building the necessary competences and skills to prepare the local workforce for jobs in the industry.

“We are very happy to announce our support of the efforts to raise local knowledge and capacity levels in the growing Ghanaian oil and gas industry. Aker Energy will support the Petroleum Commission to certify vocational and technical experts, preparing them for jobs in the industry. Under AOGC, we will also seek support from, and utilize, Ghanaian educational institutions to increase competency levels through a training of local trainers’ program,” said Skogen.

Aker Energy’s $4.5-million commitment to the program was announced at a ceremony attended by stakeholders, key players, and regulators in the oil and gas sector in Accra last Friday.

“The AOGC program seeks to ensure that Ghanaian youth are deliberately and strategically trained and qualified to work in Ghana and elsewhere. The investment of Ghanaians in the upstream sector is expected to rise to levels that will prove that that AOGC is a bold attempt to ensure that our people take their rightful place in the industry,” said Egberg Faibille Jnr, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Petroleum Commission.

In addition to vocational and technical training, the AOGC Program, supported by projects by Aker Energy, will provide business and management training for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and ensure continuous professional development of employees of various public institutions connected to the oil and gas industry.

Some of the beneficiaries of the ongoing Aker-GNPC Scholars program, which, along with the company’s partners – Lukoil, Fueltrade and GNPC – supports nearly 800 Ghanaian students in their pursuit of education at the secondary level, may now be capable of going through the AOGC program.