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Axxela to Supply Gas to Togo

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Axxela, formerly Oando Gas and Power, will supply Togo via the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP). The related agreement was recently signed between Axxela and the pipeline’s operator, West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAGPCO).
Under the new partnership, Axxela will deliver 15 Mmcf/d of natural gas to Lomé via the WAGP.
Once the gas reaches Togo’s capital, it will first be used to increase the number of gas-fired generators powering the ContourGlobal thermal plant. Last June Togo’s power utility CEET inked a supply deal with Axxela under which the Nigerian firm supplied the plant’s generators with natural gas. The Kékéli power plant that is expected to come online end-2020 will also run on Nigerian natural gas, according to reports.