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BP Slates $1 Billion for South Africa Downstream

Sunday, November 25, 2018

BP Southern Africa (BPSA Southern Africa (BPSA) will invest $1-billion in South Africa in the next five years with more than a quarter of that set aside to upgrade the SAPREF refinery to produce lower sulfur diesel, its chief executive Priscillah Mabelane said, according to a Reuters report.

The refinery, which produces 180,000 bpd, is a 50/50 venture between Shell and BPSA, a subsidiary of UK-based major BP.

BP plans to invest $252-million to $288-million in the refinery upgrade, Mabelane said. The upgrade is to ensure that the refinery can meet the new specifications in terms of low sulfur and Marpol regulations.

Mabelane added that about 40% of the total $1-billion investment would go on retail activities.