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Dangote Expects Refinery Next Year

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Aliko Dangote told reporters that his company is on track to finish its $15-billion refinery by next year. The refinery, when complete, will be one of the world’s largest. While the timeline is ambitious Dangote told reporters “There are quite a lot of challenges, but we’re moving. We’re still targeting next year for commissioning.”

Dangote said the plant will export about 35% of the plant’s products, while the rest will serve the domestic market. Dangote Industries Ltd. said in 2018 that the plan was to produce about 50 million liters a day of gasoline and 15 million liters of diesel, though output can be changed according to demand.

The Dangote complex will include a fertilizer plant with a 3-million metric ton annual capacity, set to be ready this year, and a petrochemical plant. They will be powered by gas, which will be sent from the Niger River delta via two 550-km underwater pipelines, also costing Dangote about $2.5 billion.

“By next year, we’ll be exporting almost 2 million metric tons of urea and ammonia,” Dangote said.