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ENI and Sonatrach to Accelerate Developments

Sunday, July 7, 2019

ENI and Sonatrach confirmed their intention to accelerate the development of new oil and gas projects in Algeria’s North Berkine. The development of the projects will allow for the North African country to significantly increase its national production capacity.

The project is composed of two phases. The first, related to oil development, started up last May, just three months after the entry into force of the farm-in agreement on the block. The second phase, related to gas development, will see start up at the end of September after the completion of the BRN-MLE pipeline.

The project is an example of the “fast track” arising from a joined effort of Sonatrach and ENI, based on the shared strategy for an accelerated time to market as well as on the availability and know-how of Sonatrach’s contractor companies called to work on the project for their advanced technology and methodological approach which employs streamlined procedures that allows for fast operations.

The first phase of the oil project in North Berkine will reach a plateau production of 10.000 gross barrels for the end July 2019, while the development of the gas project will reach an incremental production of 6 million cubic meters and 7,000 barrels of associated liquid by the end of the year.