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ENI Makes Discovery Offshore Angola

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A new discovery was made off the coast of Angola with the drilling of the Afoxe exploration well. The well is located on Block 15/06 and is estimated to contain between 170 and 200 million barrels of light oil in place. Block 15/06 is operated by ENI.

The Afoxé-1 NFW well, which has led to the new oil discovery, is located in the south-east area of Block 15/06, approximately 120 km off the coast, 50 km south-west from the Olombendo FPSO and 20 km west of the recent Kalimba-1 discovery. The well was drilled in a water depth of 780 meters and reached a total depth of 1,723 meters.

Afoxé-1 NFW proved a 20 meters net oil pay of high-quality oil contained in Upper Miocene sandstones with excellent petrophysical properties. The well has not been tested but an intensive data collection has been carried out that indicates a production capacity in excess of 5,000 bpd. The new nearby discoveries of Kalimba and Afoxé are now accounting together a potential of 400 – 500 million boe of high-quality oil in place and represent a new cluster that can be exploited jointly in a new development concept.

Afoxé discovery is a further confirmation of the oil exploration potential still held in southern part of Block 15/06, previously considered mainly gas prone. ENI is planning to drill up to four new exploration wells back to back in Block 15/06 during 2019.

Block 15/06 is developed by a JV formed by ENI (36.84%, Operator), Sonangol P&P (36.84%) and SSI Fifteen (26.32%).