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ENI Sees Egyptian Discoveries and Starts Production

Thursday, July 25, 2019

ENI started production from the South West Meleiha Development Lease in the Egyptian Western Desert. The current production, delivered through two oil production wells, is around 5,000 bpd and is expected to reach 7,000 bpd in September.

The oil is transported and treated at the Meleiha Plant facilities operated by AGIBA, a company equally held by IEOC and EGPC. The oil discoveries in the South West Meleiha were made in 2018 and ENI has more prospects to drill.

AGIBA, the operating vehicle on behalf of EGPC and ENI, also recently made two additional near field oil discoveries in the Meleiha development lease in the Western Desert, specifically on the Basma and Shemy prospects. On Basma, two wells have been successfully drilled and are already in production from the Jurassic Khatabta formation, while on the Shemy prospect, a well is currently under testing and targeting oil from the Matruh sands. Moreover, in the Meleiha development lease AGIBA has successfully continued a deepening campaign on existing shallow wells targeting the Alam El Bueib Cretaceous formation. These deepened producers are now contributing with about 6,000 bpd to the Meleiha production.

All these new activities in the Western Desert are contributing in excess of 15,000 bpd to the AGIBA production.

In the Nile Delta area, within the new El Qar’a onshore exploration lease granted in 2018, the company successfully drilled and tested the El Qar’a-NE1 well. This well found gas in the sandstones of the Abu Madi formation. During the clean-up, the well delivered 17 Mmscf/d and associated condensates. The well will be tied-in to existing facilities and the production will be delivered to the Abu Madi gas plant operated by Petrobel (Ieoc 50% – EGPC 50%) upon the granting of the development lease.

Finally, in the Gulf of Suez, in the Abu Rudeis Sidri development lease, IEOC, through Petrobel, has successfully drilled a new structure on the Sidri South exploration prospect which resulted in an oil discovery. The new discovery has been made through the Sidri-23 well in pre-Miocene sequences. The discovery may hold up to 200 million barrels of oil in place. The well has been completed and brought on stream through production facilities available in the area. Petrobel has a plan to develop the new discovery with about 10 wells that will be drilled in the near future.