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Ethylene Feedstock Arrives at Ras Lanuf

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Libya’s Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company (RASCO) saw its first shipment of ethylene gas arrive at its port as part of its efforts to restart its ethylene production. RASCO reported that the tanker Stella Kosan had docked at jetty 3B loaded with the first shipment of about 4,000 metric tons of ethylene gas, which it said would be the first of numerous planned shipments needed to fill the ethylene tank at the cryogenic (freezing) area.

These feedstock shipments will supply the polyethylene plant in preparation to re-start the plant ‘‘within next few days,” RASCO said.

RASCO is a subsidiary of NOC.

In March this year RASCO successfully replaced a flaring incinerator and in the same month it announced that its port was now ready to operate after maintenance was completed. The ethylene plant had been inactive since 2011 and the polyethylene plant since 2013.