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Final Drilling Plans for Cameroon’s NJOM3 Well

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Tower Resources is in the final stages of planning its well offshore Cameroon on the Thali block. The company plans to drill the NJOM3 well to a total depth of 1,100 meters, intersecting at least three reservoir zones that it has identified by the NJOM1B and NJOM2 discovery wells drilled previously by Total.

The NJOM3 well is designed to confirm the greater reservoir thicknesses observed on the reprocessed 3D seismic in the up-dip area of the structure, and also evaluate additional reservoirs that were not present in the areas where Total’s wells are located.  The NJOM3 well is designed to supplement Total’s well data with a suite of measurement and logging tools and DST flows to surface.

Following the drilling, Tower plans to suspend the well with a view to subsequent completion as one of four initial production wells on the structure, as envisaged in the Reserve Report prepared by Oilfield International Ltd. (OIL) in September 2018. This first phase of development envisaged by the Reserve Report, aiming to exploit the 2C contingent resources (Pmean 18 million barrels oil, gross) already identified in the structure, aims to provide significant production to Tower in 2020.

Since its last update, Tower has received additional data from the original Total wells at NJOM1 and NJOM2, which indicate that further site preparation work will be required before the rig is moved to site. Therefore, the company has agreed with Vantage to move the planned mobilization of the Topaz Driller to July 2019 instead of late May 2019, in order to allow sufficient time for the additional site preparation work to be completed. This is still within the original date range contemplated by the rig contract, and well within the license extension period agreed last year.