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Ghana Sees Power Cuts

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Parts of Ghana are facing power cuts due to engineering work on pipelines transporting gas between Ghana and Nigeria, according to a Bloomberg report. Officials of the Ghana National Gas Company Limited are expecting the project to connect the pipelines from the Jubilee and TEN oil fields to the West African Gas Pipeline Company in Nigeria to be completed in 12 days.

There have been rumors that the power cuts were due to the energy sector being “financially challenged,” however, Deputy Energy Minister William Owuraku Aidoo told journalists at a press conference in Accra that the rumors were “absolute balderdash.”

“We have enough fuel, contrary [to claims] that the government doesn’t have money and we are mismanaging the energy sector, that is absolute balderdash”, Aidoo said April 1. “In a nutshell”, he noted, “All that I am trying to say is that we have taken the necessary steps to reduce to the barest minimum the disruption of power to the country.”

The Deputy Minister also apologized to the people of Ghana for the outages.

“All I will say now on behalf of the Hon. Minister, the President of course, is to apologize to the people of Ghana and to assure you that we are doing all we can to bring the supply of electricity to normalcy.”