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Greenfield Power Plant for Ghana

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Early Power Limited (EPL) issued a full construction Notice to Proceed on Stage 1 of the 400 MW Bridge Power Project (the Bridge Project). Stage 1 of this greenfield multi-fuel combined cycle power plant located in Tema, Ghana, is comprised of 202 MW. It will begin delivering electricity to the Ghanaian power grid in Q4 of next year.

On completion, the Bridge Project will be one of the largest LPG fueled power projects in the world and will meet the most stringent local and international (World Bank/IFC) environmental requirements.

The Bridge Project will initially run on LPG, helping to diversify Ghana’s fuel mix, but will switch to run on natural gas as its primary fuel when natural gas becomes available in Tema. Once LPG becomes the Bridge Project’s ‘back-up’ fuel, its LPG infrastructure will be used to provide environmentally friendly LPG for domestic Ghana use.

The Bridge Project is sponsored by a consortium that includes Endeavor Energy, Sage Trading Group (Sage), and General Electric (GE). GuarantCo has provided an EPC contractor payment guarantee for Stage 1 of the Bridge Power plant and METKA is the construction contractor.

Endeavor, the lead developer and majority owner of the Bridge Project, is considered one of the best performing Africa-focused independent power companies with extensive activities and projects across the continent. It is backed by global energy-focused private equity firm Denham Capital. Endeavor will also lead the Operations and Maintenance of the power plant and will provide the Construction and Commercial Management of the Project. Sage played a key role in the Project’s development and will be its fuel supplier and owner/operator of the Project’s LPG fuel infrastructure. GE is a world energy leader providing equipment, solutions and services across the energy value chain from generation to consumption.

The Bridge Project is specifically designed to provide fuel diversity, optionality and security for Ghana, while continuing the country’s additions of reliable, baseload generation capacity. GE will supply the power generation equipment for the project which will include GE’s TM2500 gas turbine generator sets and GE’s steam turbines in a combined cycle (CC) configuration. This will be the first time the TM2500 gas turbines will be used in a combined cycle configuration globally and marks a milestone for the technology.

The first stage of the plant’s construction is expected to take a total of 24 months, although power will initially come online in 10 months and the combined cycle portion of Stage 1 will be completed in Q4 2020. Not only does the Project represent a significant capital investment in Ghana, it will create approximately 1,000 (majority Ghanaian) jobs during the construction period and circa 500 jobs longer-term, including 125 people permanently employed as part of ongoing operations at the plant.