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Inpector Capital Acquires Scimitar Production Egypt

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Inpector Capital BV acquired Scimitar Production Egypt Ltd., gaining a foothold in Egypt’s oil, gas and energy sectors. Inpector is well prepared to conduct long term projects, Corné Melissen, the company’s spokesman said, underlining his full confidence in the new management team of Scimitar.

The company appointed Erik Vollebregt as Executive Chairman of Scimitar Production Egypt. Previously, Vollebregt had served as the commercial and finance director of Shell Nigeria.

The company considers the acquisition of Scimitar as the first step towards new prolific investments, Melissen noted.

Scimitar is a private sector exploration and production company operating in Egypt through Issaran concession, in which it owns 100% of its operation rights. The company’s current production rate has reached 2,200 bpd of oil.