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Julius Berger to Expand into Nigeria’s Power Sector

Monday, March 30, 2015

Julius Berger recently finalized plans to go into partnerships with investors willing to invest in Nigeria’s power supply.

MD of Julius Berger Nigeria Detler Lubasch, said: “We are exploring of course in the power sector, which is the area we see the future. We also see the future in gas and oil. There is no doubt that gas and oil will be there in 20 years and longer but our core business is still building and road construction.”

At an industry event in Abuja, Lubasch said that the current reforms in the power sector come with great potential that Julius Berger would like to take advantage of.

He added: “As you all know, Nigeria needs infrastructure and this is our core business. We will be involved in power plants, that is where we see an environment that will grow and we want to be part of that. Julius Berger will be there as a partner to establish the techniques to erect power systems in Nigeria. It is going to be thermal that we will be doing and not hydro.”