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Lesedi 3 Reaches CDP

Thursday, June 20, 2019

An update on Tlou Energy’s coal bed methane project in Botswana was announced, confirming that the Lesedi 3 production pod has successfully reached Critical Desorption Pressure (CDP). CDP is the pressure that gas begins to come out of the coal after a careful dewatering process.

Tlou said reaching CDP was a positive milestone in the operation and means that as a result of a careful and successful dewatering process to date, gas begins to come out of the coal. The next stage of the operation at Lesedi 3 involves continued water pumping which should see gas pressure steadily increase inside the casing to an optimal point so that flow testing and flaring of the gas can begin.

At the Lesedi 4, Tlou’s second pod drilled and completed, continues to be carefully dewatered.  Water is continuing to be drawn down in a controlled manner as planned.