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Madagascar Launches Licensing Round

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Madagascar, through state-run firm OMNIS, will be promoting its oil and gas potential to attract new investment in the sector. The state-run firm worked with TGS and BGP to create an attractive environment for offshore exploration. The announcement was made by Voahangy Nirina Radarson, Director General of OMNIS on November 6 at the NOC Prospect Forum.

The round opened  November 7 offering 44 offshore blocks in the Morondava Basin. The round will close on May 30, followed by a three-month awarding period. For interested parties, roadshows will be held in Houston and London during February. Existing seismic and well data will be available for viewing at the TGS offices, in London and Houston; data packages will also be made available for clients.

Exploration in Madagascar began in the early 1900s with the discovery of hydrocarbon-rich sedimentary basins in the west, including the Tsimiroro heavy oil field and the Bemolanga tar sands. After over 100 years of exploration, the offshore of this frontier region remains largely under-explored. The Island shares a maritime boundary with Mozambique, a hydrocarbon province where large quantities of natural gas have been discovered.

Studies conducted on new data, in collaboration with TGS and BGP, suggest there is significant potential for future discoveries offshore.