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NOC and FluidOil Sign MoU on Heavy Oil

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

FluidOil and Libya’s state-run NOC signed a MoU to evaluate the development of the Haram heavy oil field. This evaluation will focus on using the latest heavy oil production techniques in conjunction with FluidOil’s ‘VHTL’ on-site upgrading technology.

Mustafa Sanalla, Chairman of NOC, said: “We are seeking cutting edge technologies to help us maximize recovery of our national hydrocarbon assets. Haram is a field we have so far been unable to develop due to its viscous nature. We hope that (VHTL) will provide a solution to the viscosity issue and help improve recovery so that this becomes an attractive project for (NOC).

Charles Parker, Chief Executive of FluidOil, said: “FluidOil is delighted to be working with the (NOC) to demonstrate the benefits of on-site upgrading of viscous heavy crudes. We are keen to showcase the full range of (VHTL’s) benefits from viscosity through to chemical reduction and the provision of on-site energy for enhanced oil recovery.