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Oil and Gas Talent Registry for Uganda

Monday, February 4, 2019

In East Africa, the Petroleum Authority of Uganda [PAU] has developed a national talent register, listing individuals trained and qualified in different fields related to the oil and gas industry.

The PAU has placed the database online and intends for it to serve as an employment reference point for its emergent oil and gas sector, will list engineers, technicians and skilled workers competent to work in the oil and gas projects.

The register is the first of its kind in the region.

Earnest Rubondo, executive director at PAU, while launching the talent register described the National Oil and Gas Talent Register [NOGTR] as a national supplier database which will serve as a roster for local and international service providers for the sector.

“This talent register will help in streamlining employment in the sector and will be updated periodically,” said Rubondo during the launch at PAU offices’ boardroom, “In order to effectively participate in Uganda’s Oil and Gas sector.”

“This launch today will go a long way in complementing the country’s efforts towards employment of Ugandans in Oil and Gas sector; I therefore call upon the potential demand and supply end users to take up the opportunity to register on the NOGTR,” Rubondo added.

The PAU executive director went on to say that the development of the NOGTR is one of the specific initiatives that relates to promoting employment of Ugandan citizens and that it is a fulfilment of the statutory requirement of employing Ugandans in the oil and Gas sector as required under sections 126 and 54 of the Petroleum [Exploration, development and production], b 2013 and petroleum [Refining, conversion, transmission and midstream storage] Act 2013 respectively.

“As well as regulation 31 [1 – 2] of the [Petroleum exploration development and production] national content regulations 2016,” Rubondo said.