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Penspen and MJMEnergy Take on Gas-to-Power Study in Senegal

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Penspen has partnered with MJMEnergy to conduct an early development phase gas-to-power study in Senegal. Penspen will be providing the key technical services for the sizing and routing of the pipeline network options plus cost estimating.

The two firms will work closely with the government of Senegal to support the overall development of its gas-to-power strategy. The contract has been awarded by the International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank, in association with the Senegalese Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

Significant offshore oil and gas discoveries have transformed the energy outlook in Senegal and the country is now undertaking a major project to bring the benefit the country through domestic consumption of a portion of the natural gas produced.

Penspen will undertake technical investigations of the natural gas network scenarios for connecting potential gas consumers with new gas supplies. It will also provide a conceptual design for the gas network infrastructure, a cost estimate and schedule for developing the network, and risk assessments for the design, land access, construction, operation, environmental, social and technical aspects.

MJMEnergy will define the gas markets, economic and financial aspects of the project, and develop the institutional framework and business requirements for the new, public-private gas network company required to build, own and operate the network. This scope of work is to focus on defining the objectives and business plan of the new enterprise, as well as its strategy, including the gas market and regulatory requirements, a SWOT analysis and pro forma financial statements.