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Petrogress Teams up with Deliman in Ghana

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Petrogress signed a partnership agreement with Ghana’s Deliman Oil to form a JV company to manage retail stations in Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Niger. The US-Ghanaian firm, to be called PG & D Fueling, will also invest in the storage and distribution of petroleum products.

Petrogress will control 35% of the shares in the company, and Deliman 50%. The remaining shares will revert to unidentified parties.

Under the terms of the agreement, PG & D is initially expected to operate and manage 65 Deliman-owned gas stations in Ghana and Burkina Faso. PG & D Fueling supplies will be provided by a Petrogress subsidiary through its partnership with Platon Oil Refinery in Ghana.

Operations should start in January 2019.

Deliman currently owns and operates 65 service stations in Ghana and Burkina Faso. The two will expand their operations into Niger.