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Plane Crash in Ethiopia Kills 157

Monday, March 11, 2019

A tragic event took place in Ethiopia on March 10 when a jetliner with passengers from at least 35 countries crashed shortly after taking off from Addis Ababa’s Bole International airport. The crash killed all 157 people onboard.

According to reports the plane, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, bound for Nairobi, Kenya, struggled to ascend at a stable speed. The pilot sent out a distress call and was cleared to return to the airport; however the plane lost contact with air traffic control, then plummeted to the ground southeast of the capital.

“At this stage, we cannot rule out anything,” said Tewolde Gebre Mariam, the chief executive of Ethiopian Airlines.

Reports have those dying on Flight 302 coming from at least four continents. The dead included 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, nine Ethiopians, eight each from the US, China and Italy, and seven from the UK, the airline said.

Passengers on the flight also included dignitaries such as delegates on the way to Nairobi for the United Nations Environment Assembly. There were also staff members of the World Food Program, as well as aid workers from the UN and Catholic Relief Services.