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Post Macondo on the Table in Luanda

Monday, October 14, 2013


The Macondo incident, recognized by the international community as the most serious in terms of deep water gas and oil drilling, brought about new responsibilities at every level. At a time when the oil and gas industry are facing limits in terms of predictability, as they operate under ever more demanding conditions, due to the surpassing of operational and technological hurdles, it becomes increasingly important to clarify and discuss the legal contingencies for all the agents involved. From states to big businesses, insurance agents and financial entities, the responsibilities derived from the potential environmental impacts, and their medium and long-term consequences, merit discussion and perspective.


For this reason, on Wednesday the 16th of October, at 15h, the Centre for the Study of Legal-Economic and Social Sciences of the Law Faculty of the Agostinho Neto University (CEJES UAN), in Luanda, will hold a seminar about: “Responsibilities in the World Post Macondo. This seminar will boast the presence of two specialists in Gas and Oil Law, David Leckie, Regional Director of the AIPN – Association of International Petroleum Negotiators, and Milena Szuniewicz-Wenzel, Legal Director of the Clyde & Co law firm. The seminar will be hosted by Prof. Dr. José Octávio Serra Van-Dúnem.


The CEJES UAN considers that it is essential to discuss the responsibilities and contingencies in the Post Macondo world, in order to identify the legal practices and tendencies of the new framework of deep and ultradeep water oil and gas exploration.