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Rwanda Increases LPG Storage Capacity

Monday, May 20, 2019

Rwanda has increased its LPG storage and filling capacity. Thanks to an investment by SP Petrol Rwanda, the country has seen its LPG storage and filling capacity double, going from 160 m3 to 320 m3.

SP installed eight new plants each with a capacity of 20 m3 and capable of filling 1,000 bottles a day.

This comes in response to the country’s growing demand, which has tripled just in the last two years. In 2016 the amount of LPG imported into Rwanda was just over five million kilograms, however by 2018 that number had rising to more than 18.2 million kilograms.

The increase in this demand is attributed to the Rwandan government’s policy to reduce the amount of charcoal used in the country. Measures are being taken in this direction, including the establishment of a strategic reserve in the event of a possible shortage or increase in prices.