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Sanalla Pays El Bouri Field a Visit

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Libya’s state-run National Oil Corp.’s (NOC) chairman, Mustafa Sanalla, paid a visit to the El Bouri oil field offshore the country. Sanalla met with the facility’s staff and inspected operations following recently completed maintenance work.

The field, situated in Libyan waters approximately 120 km north-west of Tripoli and operated by NOC subsidiary Mellitah Oil and Gas Company (MOG), produces 30,000 bpd.

Sanalla congratulated staff on the completion of maintenance work on Platform 3 and Platform 4 two days ahead of schedule. The maintenance work included the repair of high-pressure valves, pipeline upgrades, well maintenance, and the installation of a new power outage management system.

The NOC chairman and his delegation also visited the floating GAZA marine storage terminal, boasting a 1.5-million-barrel storage capacity across 14 reservoirs. The storage terminal is considered one of the local oil sector’s principal achievements and infrastructure upgrades in recent years.

Addressing the employees at the field, Chairman Sanalla thanked them for their continued dedicated service and record turnaround time to maintenance works: “El Bouri and GAZA play a key strategic role in Libya’s energy security and offshore production capability. Continuous offshore production is more important today than ever because of continued hostilities in the country. NOC will continue to look to increase domestic production, including offshore, thereby funding additional basic services across the country and providing mutual opportunities for both Libyan companies and our international partners.”