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SHI Trains Female Welders in Nigeria

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has set a new record on Nigerian Content in the oil and gas industry, as it finishes off the training of another batch of internationally-certified female welders.

Many thought the program of training the women would not be a success, with Chinonye Okonkwo, one of the first certified female international welding specialists, telling journalists many came to watch her train to validate their belief she would fail.

She did not fail however and ended up becoming one of the first female welders that represent a “new wave” of home-grown talent on the continent as the company tapped into the knowledge and expertise of international partners to build a domestic talent base to serve the needs of Nigeria.

Okonkwo’s success story was made possible through Samsung Heavy Industries’ belief in the potential of Nigerian companies and workers to deliver to tough, exacting standards. These standards were well in effect at the SHI-MCI yard in Lagos where the Egina FPSO was partially fabricated.

A number of records were broken during construction. This is the first ever project to meet Nigeria’s demanding new standards for local content. Over 9.7 million hours of time have been spent by the Nigerian workforce, with over 6,000 Nigerians in employment on the project at its peak via Samsung and its partners and subcontractors.