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Siemens and Turboden Launch the Heat Recycle® Solution

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Small water-free combined cycles for distributed energy: combining the simplicity of the ORC technology and the proven performance of gas turbines results in a cost-effective alternative power plant.

Brescia, Italy – May 20th. Heat ReCycle solution is comprised of a Gas Turbine power plant with Organic Rankine Cycle technology (ORC). This combination of proven gas turbine and ORC-technology for efficient recovery of the waste heat is a response to the market challenges which various regions of the world are facing today.

“The growing demand of simple, reliable and water-free of small to medium decentralized power plants can be efficiently satisfied by HeatReCycle solution”. Says Nicola Rossetti, Turboden Sales & Business Development Manager

Did you know that one billion people do not have any access to electricity, and another billion have a lack of reliable power supply; especially ones that are located in remote and isolated areas? Offering affordable electricity while taking into account the environment with water-free operation can be achieved with a reliable solution: Heat ReCycle® Solutions.

“As the global electricity market is trending towards decentral power generation, this solution offers a great decentral power plant in the range upto 100 MWe.” Says Wolfgang Klink, Siemens Heat ReCycle Business Owner

Developing remote areas. Heat ReCycle allows remote areas to be provided with highly efficient and reliable power generation. Unmanned operation in isolated regions enables deployment in desolate areas, supporting economic growth in these parts of the world.

Providing affordable electricity. Heat ReCycle offers electricity at the best possible cost over its lifetime while maintaining high efficiency. This means that both people and industries will have access to affordable energy for their daily needs.

Producing lower emissions. From an environmental perspective, highly efficient Heat ReCycle Power Plants produce lower emissions when compared to other technology that is typically used in remote areas, like diesel generators and reciprocating engines, resulting in lower NOx, CO2 and lower Unburned Hydro-Carbons (UHC) emissions.

Offering water-free solutions. Heat ReCycle is a water-free solution. In many regions in the world, water is a scarce resource. Heat ReCycle power generation allows water to be used for people, not for power.