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Sierra Leone Reopens Licensing Round

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Timothy Kabba, Director General of the Petroleum Directorate of Sierra Leone has announced on behalf of the country’s government, the reopening of Sierra Leone’s Fourth Licensing Round. This follows the decision to suspend the licensing round in September 2018 in order to enter a period of industry consultation.

Following the conclusion of a six-month industry consultation that was designed to collate international industry feedback and ensure the success of this round, companies are now invited to re-engage with the Fourth Licensing Round.

The consultation provided the Directorate with the evidence needed to structure this round in line with industry expectations. It is expected that this latest licensing round will fully open up the country’s waters for licensing. It will also utilize a more flexible block framework as the basis for licensing.

In addition, the directorate will launch a direct tender for license applications where 50% or more of the application area is in water depths in excess of 2,500 meters and launch an open tender for all other license applications.

To assist their evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential in these blocks the Petroleum Directorate, supported by the Getech Group has set up Data Rooms in Freetown, London and Houston.

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