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Sound Updates TE-7 Reservoir Pressure

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sound Energy reported that the measured pressure data from the TE-7 well provides further information on the extent and quality of the reservoir at TE-7 and provides additional confidence for the development plan of the company’s existing TE-5 Horst discovery, which remains subject to FID.

The latest pressure measurements reveal a current reservoir pressure of 413.4 bara at the TE-7 well location with the pressure continuing to increase towards the original reservoir pressure of 422.6 bara confirmed by Sound on July 19, 2017. The period of pressure monitoring has been extended to observe this continued pressure increase. The pressure build-up trend is important information as it allows it to estimate the connected volume of in place gas (GOIP) accessible by the TE-7 well.

Analysis of the pressures measured in the well recorded over time has led to an increase in the company’s estimate of connected GOIP around TE-7 to a volume exceeding 115 Bscf. Historical analysis of the pressure trend, announced on 19 July 2017, had previously shown that the volume of connected GOIP around TE-7 exceeded 40 Bscf.

The significant increase in Sound’s estimates of minimum GOIP connected to the TE-7 well provides support for the company’s field development plan consisting of a number of horizontal stimulated production wells spaced to optimize recovery.