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South Sudan Minister Calls for Continued Collaboration with Sudan

Thursday, April 18, 2019

South Sudan’s Minister of PetroleumEzekiel Lul Gatkuoth, has called for its neighbor to the north, Sudan, to continue its collaboration in bringing production back online from shut in oilfields despite the political turmoil in the country.  The two have been working on bringing the Al-Nar, Al-Toor, Manga and Tharjath fields back onto production with a scheduled resumption of flows date set for April 27.

“The lifeline and the backbone of the economies of South Sudan and Sudan must continue to stand strong, in spite of significant political changes in the Republic of Sudan,” said Gatkuoth.

“The economies and the people of Sudan and South Sudan share a common destiny. The flow of oil is vital for the people of both nations and shall remain uninterrupted,” said the Minister. “We call for a measured, methodical approach to make sure the industry continues to develop, that our people can rely on employment from the petroleum industry, and that our nations can continue to depend on this resource. This is the super glue that binds our common destinies and ensures peaceful progress together.”

The ongoing work on the oil fields needs to keep to its current pace in order to meet the April 27 deadline. Workers are currently inspecting oil flow along the pipeline route, and will be protected along the length of the route, from oilfields to export terminal, and during transit, Gatluoth added.