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Thyssenkrupp Secures Petchem Contract in Tanzania

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

 The Process Industries business of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa was successful in securing the engineering and procurement contract for a 45-ton modular skid-mounted chlorine plant in Tanzania, the first of its kind to be installed in sub-Saharan Africa.

Process Industries’ General Manager, Neville Eve, and Senior Manager for Special Projects Bruce Bassett, are spearheading the project and were instrumental in winning the contract. The duo are working in close collaboration with thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers based in Milan, Italy, who are responsible for the design, development and manufacture of this new lean method of project delivery for these standardized projects.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ modular skid mounted 15- and 45-ton capacity chlorine plants are particularly suited to the African market as they offer a cost-effective and practical solution to industries on the continent who require small chlorine alkali plants for applications such as water treatment and mineral processing. Many African countries import chlorine and caustic but the quantities are not large enough to sustain chlorine alkali plants. Small quantity requirements coupled with the vastness of the continent makes importation expensive and economically unviable. An on-site chlorine production solution thus presents a better alternative to import.

In the modular solution, electrolysis is built on multiple skids that fit into 40 foot containers that can be easily, quickly and cost-effectively transported to site. Construction and assembly is also fast and easy and requires only a small team, leaving only the non-modular plant sections to be stick built.  Rapid project implementation and plant start up time result in substantial savings in terms of construction time and costs.

“thyssenkrupp has installed of over 600 chlorine alkali plants around the world but the Tanzania project is our first involvement,” comments thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa CEO, sub-Saharan Africa, Philipp Nellessen. “We are extremely excited about this project because it will help us to gain experience in one of thyssenkrupp’s flagship technologies.”