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Trendsetter Delivers Bespoke Solution with Methanol Injection Valve Module

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Houston, Texas – Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful offshore installation of a custom Methanol Injection Valve Module as part of a subsea gas lift project off the coast of Malaysia.

The Methanol Injection Valve Module interfaces with an existing gooseneck connector to provide the necessary chemical injection capability for the system. The scope includes multiple Trendsetter-designed Monocoupler Connector Assemblies.

“Trendsetter enjoys rising to the challenge of delivering a bespoke piece of equipment at an expedited pace. Executing projects such as this is the foundation of Trendsetter and continues to highlight our innovative capabilities to the industry. For this reason, customers continue to trust Trendsetter to produce high quality products, tailored to specific needs, and have it when they need it.” said Ron Downing, President of Trendsetter Engineering.

Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. is a privately owned oil and gas service company based in Houston, Texas which provides specialized subsea hardware and offshore service solutions globally from exploration drilling through abandonment.