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Trendsetter Engineering Scores West Africa Contract

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Trendsetter Engineering will deliver three template slot adapters (TSA) and associated TCS connectors to a major operator in West Africa. The equipment will be delivered this quarter from Trendsetter’s Houston facility.

By utilizing the TSA the operator will be able to reconfigure the template and associated manifold slots to allow for the tie-in of satellite trees without removing existing wellhead systems or production guide bases

According to Trendsetter this technology provides the flexibility to add new wells, ultimately eliminating the need for specialized tooling and significantly reducing the vessel time necessary to complete the tie-ins that are traditionally required to connect the template to a satellite well.

Under the contract the company’s scope of the work includes the design and manufacture of the TSAs, Trendsetter’s TC7 Clamp Connection Systems, and TC2 Collet Connection Systems.