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Tullow Updates TEN and Jubilee Fields

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tullow Oil and its partners in Ghana on the Jubilee field saw their 2018 production from the field average 78,000 bpd. This was slightly below Tullow’s November forecast.

Tullow said in its latest update that missing its November forecast was due to minor operational issues in December, which have now been resolved. Tullow expects 2019 average gross oil production from the Jubilee field to increase to around 96,000 bpd.

On Ghana’s TEN fields, Tullow said the fields performed well throughout 2018 with gross production averaging 64,500 bpd, in line with expectations. Tullow expects gross oil production from the TEN fields in 2019 to step up significantly to around 83,000 bpd and gross gas production is expected to be around 2,100 boepd.

The partners’ 2018 drilling program was successfully executed with two drilling rigs operating in tandem across both fields. The results from drilling were in line with, or exceeded, pre-drill expectations. Two new producer wells were drilled and completed at Jubilee and an existing water injection well was completed.

At TEN, two new producing wells and one water injection well were drilled. The first new producer well, NT05-P, was brought online in August 2018 and is performing very well. The second new producer, EN10-P, is currently being completed and is expected to be online in February.

In 2019, Tullow expects to drill and complete seven new wells across the TEN and Jubilee fields allowing gross oil production from Ghana to rise to approximately 180,000 bpd in line with the 2019 production forecast.