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ULO Completes Perenco’s Gabon Job

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

ULO Systems completed work on the Lucina gas line freespan correction campaign for Perenco. The project scope included the supply and installation of grout bags, provision of grouting equipment and supply of qualified manpower.

The scope of the project included the delivery and installation of grout bags to support the freespan rectification of the Lucina gas line. Four different models of ULO’s grout bags were required to meet the requirements of the 16-inch and 18-inch pipelines.

ULO also mobilized its proprietary equipment to support the process of installation and filling of the grout bags. Equipment was modified for the project due to the limited space on board the vessel. These modifications allowed for the continuous feed of bagged cement despite space restrictions.

An in-house team of ULO’s technical staff was allocated to the project and remained onsite for the duration of the project, supervising and operating the equipment as well as ensuring the client’s specifications were met and ULO’s quality standards were adhered to at every stage.