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WPC Announces Bidding Countries for 24th Congress

Monday, February 11, 2019

4th February 2019 – The World Petroleum Council welcomed bids from 5 countries vying to host the 24th World Petroleum Congress in 2023

Every three years the “Olympics of the oil and gas industry”, the World Petroleum Congress, is being held in one of the World Petroleum Council’s member countries.

It is an honor and a great opportunity to be selected to host the Congress. So, it is no wonder that the 24th edition of the World Petroleum Congress is attracting a lot of attention. Five countries are putting bids forward to secure the Council’s vote to host the event in 2023: Argentina, Azerbaijan, Canada, Kazakhstan and the UAE.

WPC President, Tor Fjaeran, was delighted with the great turnout: “This is a new record for us: five bidding countries for the next Congress. It shows once again the value our membership put on the organisation and it’s triennal World Petroleum Congress where we bring together everyone involved in the global oil and gas sector. We are sure that any of these bidders would do a great job in delivering a world-class event in four years’ time.”

The winner will be selected from the five candidates at the annual Council Meeting in St Petersburg in June this year. Held alongside the 6th WPC Youth Forum, representatives from the more than 60-member countries of the WPC are expected to attend and cast their votes for the preferred country.

The Congress has been held virtually all around the world already, with the past few events taking place in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa, while the upcoming 23rd WPC is being organised by the USA in Houston at the end of 2020.