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Oil and Gas Flows Rise in Algeria

Sonatrach revealed that the country’s oil and gas output is back on the rise, aided increased production at existing fields. The state-run firm’s report showed that crude output will reach 69 million tons of oil equivalent in 2016, compared to ...



Cegal Launches Information Management Solution for Seismic Data

Cegal is pleased to announce the release of Blueback Seismic Data Management, a software solution that provides full life cycle management of seismic data for a range of geoscience applications. Built on a modern architecture and a web based user interface, Blueback Seismic Data Management scans, catalogs, quality controls and prepares seismic data, aiming to […]


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  • Banner A Contrarian View of Oil and Democracy A Contrarian View of Oil and Democracy

    Poor governance always seems to get the blame when African countries fail to get the most out of their oil resources. In Nigeria decades of poor governance are blamed when petrodollars are unable to drive any meaningful economic growth. Read More …


  • banner oil sec sep 2015 The Bill Comes Due

    The Algerian government’s preferred method for avoiding large scale civil disturbances is to throw money at the problem, buying off the biggest potential trouble makers. However, with oil prices scraping along at lows not seen since the Great Recession, Algiers is running out of the cash it uses to avoid wide spread social unrest. Read More …


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