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Republic of the Congo

SNPC Uses Fracking to Revive Production

SNPC, the Republic of Congo’s state-run oil and gas firm, is looking to shore up its production totals by breathing new life into some of its old fields. The company said it is developing a strategy to pump more oil from fields under-exploited by ...




StagSeis – One Year On

CGG’s full-azimuth, long-offset towed-streamer marine broadband acquisition solution is delivering exceptional subsalt images in the Gulf of Mexico. A year after its launch, CGG’s innovative subsalt imaging solution, StagSeisTM, is producing exceptional results in terms of improved imaging and illumination in the Gulf of Mexico.  Early results from the multi-client IBALT survey, presented at last […]


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  • CYBER THREATS bANNER Cyber Threats: Sources & Solutions

    Worldwide, the silent, malicious threat is growing. Every day, hackers attempt to exploit electronic “holes” in a company’s computerized infrastructure and four out of every 10 attempts to hack a critical infrastructure target in the US are directed at oil and gas companies.  Yet, many executives and operational management still have systems not fully protected, […]


  • Solar Panels ENERGY POLICY: Trial and Error

    Navigating the area of renewable energy legislation is tricky, forcing legislators to look to the past to gain a better insight to the appropriate measures to catapult the industry. As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, the need for functioning regulatory provisions becomes more prevalent. Maybe the best way to look toward the future of […]


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