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Equa G Offers to Join OPEC

Equatorial Guinea has petitioned to join the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). According to an announcement from the country’s Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons, it has submitted its interest to join OPEC in 2017. Minister ...



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Time-to-Depth Conversion

How Geovariances and partners make evolve Time-to-Depth Conversion. End of 2015, Geovariances committed to building a new sophisticated tool for Time to Depth conversion. The challenges took up by the consortium partners are multiple. Read More …


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    Africa’s share of global oil reserves is far lower than had been hoped for 20 years ago. Looking at Africa’s below-ground capabilities, the continent’s proven oil reserves have increased from 74.6 bn barrels to 129.1bn barrels over the last two decades. Read More …


  • Banner Supermajors’ Cost Index: How Efficient are they in Developing their Assets?

    The ‘lower for longer’ oil price environment has forced oil and gas companies to look hard at their cost structures. Despite development costs accounting for more than 50% of total costs, the industry currently acks a widely accepted measure for assessing efficiency in this area. Read More …


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