Continental Focus, International Reach

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    • December 2012

      Monthly Focus: M&A Deal of the Year

      Downstream Focus: Modular GTL Offers Associated Gas Solution

      African Focus: Tanzania & Equatorial Guinea

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  • November 2012

    Monthly Focus: Recruiting Locally

    Downstream Focus: Expanding Continental Biofuels

    African Focus: Kenya & Mauritania

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  • October 2012

    Monthly Focus: NOC of the Year

    Downstream Focus: Forecourt at the Forefront

    African Focus: Angola / Rwanda

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  • September 2012

    Monthly Focus: Exciting Shale Plays on the Horizon

    Downstream Focus: Refining: Africa and China Re-evaluate

    African Focus: Libya / Guinea Bissau

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  • August 2012

    Monthly Focus: Heavy Oil and Tar Sands Update

    Downstream Focus: FLNG Technology Extended

    African Focus: South Africa / Mali

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  • July 2012

    Monthly Focus:  Local Content: A Three Country Comparison

    Downstream Focus: The Energy Storage Obstacle

    African Focus: Morocco / Cameroon

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  • June 2012

    Monthly Focus:  8th Annual Independents Survey & Awards

    Downstream Focus: Cost Efficient Downstream Program

    African Focus: Tunisia / Uganda

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  • May 2012

    Monthly Focus:  ROC, Fiscal Regime Review

    Downstream Focus: Scailing Up Africa’s LPG and CNG

    African Focus: Egypt/ ROC

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  • April 2012


    Monthly Focus: Botswana CBM Getting Tech Boost

    Downstream Focus: LNG Legalities

    African Focus: Ghana & Algeria

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  • March 2012


    Monthly Focus: Energy Banking

    Downstream Focus: Wireless Sensor Networks

    African Focus: The Sudans / Mozambique

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  • February 2012


    Monthly Focus: Africa’s Pre-Salt Potentional

    Downstream Focus: Continental Evolution of  Power Generation

    African Focus: Nigeria / Namibia

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  • January 2012

    Monthly Focus: Environmental Compliance and Liability in Lusophone Africa

    Downstream Focus: Green Refining

    African Focus: Liberia / Congo (DRC)

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