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    • November/December 2017

      Monthly Focus: African NOC & IOC Awards -- Global Job Outlook

      Downstream Focus: Pipeline Integrity

      African Focus: DRC, Gabon, South Africa, Tanzania

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  • Petroleum AFrica Magazine September October 2017

    September/October 2017

    Monthly Focus: New Corporate Entries

    Downstream Focus: Structuring Gas to Power Deals

    African Focus: Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Libya

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  • July/August 2017

    Monthly Focus: Oil Chokepoints

    Downstream Focus: Downstream Opportunities in Angola

    African Focus: Guinea & Kenya

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  • June 2017

    Monthly Focus: Annual Independents Survey & Awards

    Downstream Focus: Retail Opportunities

    African Focus: Niger and Tunisia

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  • May 2017

    Monthly Focus: Reserves Update – Africa’s Importance

    Downstream Focus: FLNG Challenges

    African Focus: Egypt & Senegal

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  • April 2017

    Monthly Focus: The Oil Industry’s Corporate Form Dilemma

    Downstream Focus: Best Practices in Pipeline Integrity for Gas Pipelines

    African Focus: Cote d’Ivoire & Algeria

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  • March 2017

    Monthly Focus: Financing of Infrastructure Projects

    Downstream Focus: Africa’s Petchem Outlook

    African Focus: Mozambique & Ghana

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  • January/February 2017

    Monthly Focus: Cybersecurity in the Oil & Gas Sector

    Downstream Focus: Measuring the Depth of Refractory Inside Steel Walls

    African Focus: Nigeria & Mauritania

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