Continental Focus, International Reach

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    • November/December 2018

      Monthly Focus: Supermajors Cost Index

      Downstream Focus: Piping Product: Africa’s Latest

      African Focus: Equatorial Guinea * Gabon * Republic Of Congo

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  • October 2018

    Monthly Focus: NOC of the Year

    Downstream Focus: Future of African Utilities

    African Focus: Angola * Chad

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  • August/September 2018

    Monthly Focus: Africa's LNG Strategy

    Downstream Focus: Tapping into Africa's Refining Potential

    African Focus: Libya * Sierra Leone

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  • June 2018

    Monthly Focus: 14th Annual Independents Survey & Awards

    Downstream Focus: LNG Evolution

    African Focus: Madagascar * Tunisia

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  • May 2018

    Monthly Focus: Employment Intricacies in Gabon

    Downstream Focus: Alternative Energy Solutions

    African Focus: Egypt * The Sudans

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  • March/April 2018

    Monthly Focus: Battling Cybercrime

    Downstream Focus: The Refining Factor

    African Focus: Algeria * Ghana * Namibia * Somalia

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  • January/February 2018

    Monthly Focus: Oil and Gas M&A on the Rise

    Downstream Focus: Smart Plants get Smarter with IIoT

    African Focus: Overview: Nigeria/Overview:Uganda

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