Continental Focus, International Reach

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    • December 2015

      Monthly Focus: 2015 Indigenous Firm of the Year

      Downstream Focus: Unique Power Solutions

      African Focus: Gabon & Seychelles

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  • November 2015

    Monthly Focus: Compliance Trends in the Age of “Cheap Oil”

    Downstream Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa’s LPG Market Developments

    African Focus: Tanzania & Democratic Republic of Congo

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  • October 2015

    Monthly Focus: Work Force Management and Flexibility in an Oil Price Slump

    Downstream Focus: Filling Up with Convenience

    African Focus: Angola & Ethiopia

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  • August/ September 2015

    Monthly Focus: NOC of the Year

    Downstream Focus: Technology Aids Refining Operations in SSA

    African Focus: Uganda* Libya* Kenya

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  • June/ July 2015

    Monthly Focus: 11th Annual Independents Survey & Awards

    Downstream Focus: Renewable Energy Extending Power to Rural Africa

    African Focus: Tunisia, Namibia & Cameroon

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  • May 2015

    Monthly Focus: Upstream Opportunities

    Downstream Focus: Total Flange Protection

    African Focus: Egypt & Sierra Leone

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  • April

    Monthly Focus: Indigenous Content – Turning the Oil Curse into a Blessing?

    Downstream Focus: LNG Conundrum

    African Focus: Algeria & Cote d'Ivoire

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  • March 2015

    Monthly Focus: Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

    Downstream Focus: Ultrasonics for Measuring Pipeline Sludge

    African Focus: Ghana & Mozambique

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  • January/ February 2015

    Monthly Focus: African Funders

    Downstream Focus: Plant Optimization Tools

    African Focus: Nigeria & The Sudans

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