Continental Focus, International Reach

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    • December 2013

      Monthly Focus: Indigenous Company of the Year

      Downstream Focus: Pipeline Pathways

      African Focus: South Africa * Tanzania

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  • November 2013

    Monthly Focus: Preparing a Future Generation of Industry Leaders

    Downstream Focus: Maintaining Safety in Operations

    African Focus: Kenya * Gabon

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  • October 2013

    Monthly Focus: Expanding Africa’s CBM Prowess

    Downstream Focus: FEED and EPC Update

    African Focus: Angola & Ethiopia

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  • August/ September 2013

    Monthly Focus: Global Offshore Safety and Environmental Trends

    Downstream Focus: African Refinery Update

    African Focus: Morocco, Libya, Cote d' Ivoire & Benin

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  • July 2013

    Monthly Focus: FPSOs Offer Natural Gas Solutions

    Downstream Focus: African Retail Localization

    African Focus: Uganda& Cameroon

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  • June 2013

    Monthly Focus: 9th Annual Independant Awards

    Downstream Focus: Sour Gas Gets Sweeter

    African Focus: Chad & Tunisia

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  • May 2013

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  • April 2013

    Monthly Focus: African Shale Deposits

    Downstream Focus: East Africa Set to Become Global LNG Player

    African Focus: Over View Algeria & Ghana

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  • March 2013

    Monthly Focus: The Drive for Local Content

    Downstream Focus: Africa’s Power Generation Dilemmas

    African Focus: Guinea & Mozambique

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  • February 2013

    Monthly Focus: Risk and Safety in Arab Spring North Africa

    Downstream Focus: Angola LNG Gears up for Operations

    African Focus: Botswana & Nigeria

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  • January 2013

    Monthly Focus: African Finance

    Downstream Focus: PA Inspection for Boiler Tube Welds

    African Focus: Namibia & Sierra Leone

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