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  • September/October 2019

    Monthly Focus: Uganda Open for Business

    Downstream Focus: Greater Tortue / Ahmeyin LNG Project

    African Focus: Mozambique * South Africa

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  • July/August 2019

    Monthly Focus: New Angola Abandonment and Decommissioning Framework

    Downstream Focus: Refinery Strikes Liquid Gold with Efficiency Increases

    African Focus: Nigeria * Morocco

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  • Issue 3, 2019 May/June

    Monthly Focus: Digital Oilfield Culture

    Downstream Focus: Top Refining Projects

    African Focus: Namibia * Niger

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  • Issue 2, 2019 March/April

    Monthly Focus: Reflections with the Angolan Minister of Petroleum

    Downstream Focus: LNG Out of Africa

    African Focus: Algeria * Cameroon

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  • Issue 1 2019, January/February

    Monthly Focus: Regional Cooperation

    Downstream Focus: Downstream Investment Driven by Innovation & Efficiency

    African Focus: Egypt * Tanzania

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